30. Marts — To Do list☑️

✍️ Diary

🌬️ Aizmirsu, ka piereģistrējos AirMiners kursam, kur mēneša garumā mācīs par Carbon removal tehnoloģijām, problēmām un industriju. Atkal lifehack: pieteikties daudz lietās un tad nebūs jābūt motivācijai tajās piedalīties vai ne — vienkārši jādara!

Šodien daudz darbi.

📈 To-Do’s

  • [x] Morning stretch🙆‍♂️
  • [x] Labs about pumps⛽
  • [x] Notion To-Do list📈
  • [x] Submit PETBaltija project uni agreement📈
  • [x] Email Baiba Hilda’s signes learning agreement
  • [x] Email Halmstad Orienteering club about the orienteering possibilities🌲
  • [x] Notion about yesterday and today✍️
  • [x] Edit and export second part of NoCode🎬
  • [x] Add white banner on the first and third part of NoCod — export🎬
  • [ ] Check courses in Halmstad University — make a list and email Hilda about them📚
  • [x] Check Sweeden semester start — email halmstad for housing possibilities🏠
  • [x] Water and Sanitation course💦
  • [x] Uninstall eparaksts✖️
  • [x] Check TOAS agreements for moving out
  • [x] Sign move-out agreement for TOAS until March 31st📦
  • [ ] 🚣‍♀️ 30 Mins of rowing + 30 mins of boxing🥊
  • [x] Instagram Story Personal Bests of Rudolfs, Marks, Jekabs🎲
  • [x] Email Līva about grant for students💶
  • [x] Read through PET Baltija project about incineration🔥
  • [ ] Add info about ideas for Demola team Eleving💡
  • [x] DEMOLA team meeting🚒
  • [x] Ask Hilda about tutoring agreement for practical traning⚠️




Katrs ir savas dzīves gleznotājs.

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Jēkabs Niklāvs Janovs

Jēkabs Niklāvs Janovs

Katrs ir savas dzīves gleznotājs.

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